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Sunday, July 19, 2009

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Is interactive advertising suitable for you?

From the very beginning, we may re-think what is marketing? If the basic purpose of marketing is "telling someone about something", then it has no necessary to gain reaction or response from the audience.

Marketing is way more than just telling someone something. Do not mix "Promotion" or "Broadcasting" with "Marketing". Marketing, as can be seen on wording, is a way of "market" something. When you "market" something, money involves. When money involves, the person who spends the money may want benefit in return.

1) The buyer pays the money then wants good value from the product.

2) The company pays the money to market the product and gets the money when a sale is completed. This is not just "telling someone about something".

For interactive advertising, it is an "evolved" version of marketing. Especially for the more those products and service with higher use value.

For example, Audi launched the new car series A4 by using the iPhone game application. It is a free game to download. Player can download to play with and at the same time remember and know more about the car.

Another example, ”click to fill the application, and you will have a special offer of 30%”. The statement is so familiar to us. A dozen of them will appear in your mail box everyday. Did you give an eye to see what companies are they? Offering coupon means, they are price sensitive. We would never see LV Or Gucci doing interactive advertising in this way.

For those business involve many personal interaction are not very suitable to do interactive advertising.

A more extreme case, I think no one will use interactive marketing to sell military ammunition.

I can’t say that prestige product must not use interactive marketing. It’s still waiting for brilliant ideas from the marketers.

- Teresa

Friday, July 17, 2009

Successful example of interactive advertising in Hong Kong

This is successful case of the usage of interactive advertising in Hong Kong.
The moodie report has showed a new of "Hong Kong Airport wins interactive advertising award"

Motorola was great in promote their product though this medium in Hong Kong Airport.

They have won the Online Media Marketing & Advertising Awards held in the US at2007 and the SkyPlaza advertising creative campaign competition at 2009.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Interactive Advertising by Free Trial & Electronic Medium

Many companies are using free trial promotion to enhance new product awareness. Mostly, customers need to complete a survey before they get the free trial. This is for sure a golden chance to obtain comments and customers’ database including their e-mail address. After collecting customers’ e-mail, the company can then start its long-tail e-mail marketing via such huge network.

In middle-June, Haagen-Dazs has launched this kind of campaign and delivered all 10,000 ice-cream bars to customers. Obviously, it is very successful.

This campaign has some benefits, it can :

- collects large amount of customers’ information

- provides foundation for e-mail marketing

- delivers coupons to customers for purchase incentive

- induces a strong influence of word-of-mouth (WOM) in forum and peer conversation.

Besides, it introduces this advertising promotion via the popular website, Facebook. This cultivates a strong social network which involves users’ responses.
More and more companies are using Facebook as a medium for interactive advertising.

Another example, Pocari is using the similar method.

People can acquire Pocari souvenirs by earning points in the application.
Users can also play games, make up collection, invite friends to join, or even challenge them. This kind of interactive advertising is most likely to enhance brand loyalty.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Future Interactive Advertising in Hong Kong

The television platform is becoming more interactive. It combined TV and internet advertising. TV interactive advertising is going to be seen in Hong Kong. It is the latest advertising form in Hong Kong. The interactive TV allows feedback and data exchange to the broadcaster. For example, consumers can order a product through the remote and the TV channel.

The coming form of interactive advertising would be iTaxi. In China, it is already launched. iTaxi entertains passengers on their ways. It would install in a taxi and provide information about the city. Passengers could use the iTaxi to book hotel, make restaurant reservations, purchase movie tickets, view latest promotions and receive discount coupons etc.

Another new form of interactive advertising would be found in mobile. In the foreign countries, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is already developed. NFC is a wireless connectivity technology which can exchange data through built-in NFC devices like NFC mobile. It is a “read-and-write” device. Since everyone in Hong Kong has got at least one mobile phone. It has a large potential to develop mobile interactive advertising in Hong Kong.

The development of Smart Poster is also using the NFC technology. Smart Poster is different form the traditional one. It could exchange information between a NFC handset and a passive tag on a poster. The information provided would not limit in the fixed size of the poster. Interactive advertising in smart poster could provide more information to consumers.


DoDoCode @ interactive advertising

Have you ever seen dodocode on magazine, product package or product user mannual ?

In hong kong , dodocode company is the biggest dodocode service provider. She cooperates with 3HK, new monday to encourage consumers try this service.

"dood" me anytime !

3Hong Kong pioneers to launch "dood me co" – the advanced technology which brings a better life at ease! When you see the code in New Monday, Weekend Weekly Magazines or 3Hong Kong services. Simply download and install the "dood me co reader", use the reader to scan the code, then you can download your beloved idols, content to your handset while reading their news on magazine, or even get the latest restaurants or shopping discounts!

In Japan, DoDoDode is added on the product package to provide advance information of product.
Some of them are including applications such as game and CRM programme.


Mobile devices for interactive advertising HK

Do you hand in IPhone 3GS?

Nowadays, mobile device are supported by server provider to let the user enjoy high speed data transfer though HSPDA or Wifi technology.

Mobile user are offered that broswe the wap (which is designed for mobile devices in low resolution screen)

Beside, some mobile devices such as smartphone (which are set up on windowmobile 6.1 , windowmobile ce, iPhone , Android , plam , Symbian 40 60 5.0) allow customer to design applications to run on it. It provide a plateform for interactive advertising.

Technology revolution collect us in a new way and bring a new role and relationship between reader and sender.

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